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Transportation by air has a number of advantages over other means of transportation.
Firstly, carriage by air means the shortest transit time, which is of extreme importance for delivery of perishable goods.

Secondly, air cargo carriage is a reliable guarantee of the safety of goods. It is universally acknowledged that security level at airports is considerably higher than, for example, at sea ports or on railway, which fact appears to be especially significant for shipment of valuable and fragile cargoes.

Conveyance by air grants an effective guarantee for cargoes to be delivered to the destination promptly and in full safety.

The advantages of air carriage are:

  • Top promptness of delivery;
  • Highest reliability;
  • Delivery to the remotest areas of the world;
  • Possibility to carry cargoes to unlimited distances;
  • Effective guarantee of the safety of goods;
  • Optimal flight routes.